Steven I. Lanzet, LMFTS, LCPCS, CSAT-S
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Boise Counseling Center is located at 2500 W. Kootenai Street near the corner of Vista Avenue on the bench in Boise.

Free parking is available in the lot behind the building and on the street.


From the Freeway
Go North on Vista Avenue and turn right onto Kootenai Street. Take your first left onto Robert Street and park behind the building. The entrance is on Kootenai Street.

From Broadway or Park Center Boulevard
Turn West onto Beacon. Continue up Protest Hill, which turns into Kootenai. Turn right onto Robert Street just before you get to Vista and park behind the building. 

From Downtown
Head South on 9th Street. Continue on Capital Boulevard and loop around the Depot onto Vista. Turn left onto Kootenai and take a quick left onto Robert Street and park behind the building.

Beside the parking lot behind the building, additional parking is located on Robert Street across from the office. Please angle in for best use of the spaces. There is also an overflow parking lot further down on Robert Street behind Vista Village.

For more information please call 208.908.0500

Interested in learning more?
Covenant Eyes tracks the websites you visit and sends reports of these visits to your selected accountability partners. Covenant Eyes also provides a filter to restrict access to certain content.
Android (including app filtering)
Ever Accountable provides accountability for people using Android, Windows and Kindle devices. 

Lion is an accountability browser for iOS that keeps a log of any explicit websites you visit. It then emails a list of those websites to a partner or partners of your choice.
Lion works on iOS.
Router Limits uses a different approach to the tools listed above – it operates at the router level. This means any device in your home that accesses the internet via your router can be managed and reported on by Router Limits.

X3 Watch allows you to block content and sends accountability reports to up to 10 people.