Steven I. Lanzet, LMFTS, LCPCS, CSAT-S
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"He's not the kind of counselor who just sits back and says uh-huh every few minutes." I am not shy about giving feedback and responding to my clients. Counseling is a relationship and I strive to create an engaging and healing dialogue from the beginning. Whatever your issue is, if it's not getting better with what you have been doing so far, now is the time to seek assistance. Call me to discuss your concerns and you can decide if I am the right resource for you.
I am honored by the trust clients place in me when they share things they vowed they would keep secret forever. When dealing with the addictions of alcohol, drugs, sex, and other mental health issues, it's a relief moving from shame and guilt with a plan that makes sense. 

My clients often say they started to feel hopeful in the first session. I think I know why. When my clients finally decide to go to a counselor and share secrets they thought they would never tell to anyone, having an experienced, confident, accepting, understanding, and knowledgeable counselor usually makes things better from the beginning. Seeing a counselor with decades of experience who has had great success in helping make recovery happen is so comforting. I hope you will give yourself the chance to make this happen for you and your loved ones

My area of focus is Sex, Porn, & Love Addiction treatment. I have an extensive background in treating addiction and have been Clinical Director of both an Inpatient and an Outpatient Treatment Center. I am associated with the International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals and have studied with international sex addiction expert Dr. Patrick Carnes and associates for more than 20 years and am one of the few qualified Supervisors in Idaho for Certified Sex Addiction Therapists.

"My clients often say they started to feel hopeful in the first session."
People say my style is different from other counselors.

COVID-19 Health Notice

To Our Valued Clients:
Thank you for your understanding, support, and patience during this pandemic.

We are following recommended procedures from local and national health authorities to safely provide counseling. We have been utilizing telehealth services and have recently started to return to in-person counseling for those who are fully vaccinated.

We have been pleasantly surprised at how effective and useful these online resources have worked for us and our clients. Please don't let your lack of comfort with these useful tools keep you from getting the services you need.

Thanks again for your patience! 

"It's a relief moving from shame and guilt with a plan that makes sense."